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Hello, my name is Deboranne O'Connor, and I am so grateful you are here.  In 2015 my dear son Danny passed away from an accidental overdose at the age of 19 years old.  My life turned upside down and  I was thrust into this unwanted grief journey suddenly.   

I gratefully turned to supportive friends, family members and my holistic roots which have been pivotal in helping me navigate this journey.   After many years of helping myself heal I now have devoted my life to helping others who have also lost loved ones.  Specifically the loss of a child.

.  After the passing of a loved one we experience many things that can affect our body/mind/soul in non-beneficial ways.  We also have a deep need and longing to reconnect with our loved ones in order to gain more understanding and hope. All of this is normal and I, having been there myself! Let me help you on your very unique grief journey in was that help you attain more balance, peace, and even joy.

About my son, Danny

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My  son, Danny O'Connor, was a fun-loving, generous, and beautiful soul that left this earth way too early!  He had a passion for life and truly loved everyone!  His enthusiasm for fitness, nutrition, and helping others was contagious!  His ultimate goal in life was to open a non-profit business that targeted marginalized communities that would offer free guidance on nutrition,  offer fitness facilities, and help give people access to economical healthy organic food.  His approach was alwasy a holistic one. T he love he had for all of his family and friends was so admirable.  His friends say he was truly one of the kindest and funniest people they had ever met.  Danny left behind one of his best friends in the world, his sister Kerry.   The loving bond between them was incredible and a joy to witness as their mother.   The laughter and joy between them was contagious.  Danny also left behind his half-brother and sister that he dearly loved.   Danny was an 'angelic' little boy with the most beautiful blue aqua eyes and blonde curly hair, he resembled one of the cherub angels!  He used to talk about his "angels" as a child and I never doubted they were around him.   The  month before he passed, he shared with his sister and I the most incredible vision. With tears in his eyes he recounted  a vision he had recently been gifted to receive.  He swore to us that a huge blue angel (specifically Archangel Michael) came right before him and spoke very seriously and directly to Danny.  He recalled Michael telling him in clear wording that Danny was to be a warrior for God.  At that time, Danny believed this because it was his intention to join the military and he thought this was some sort of sign.  But, Archangel Michael made it very clear to Danny that he had choices on this earth and any choice was never going to be judged by God, as he is all loving.  It is our believe that this sign/vision that Danny received was not only a gift to him in that moment, but also to us (his family and friends).  As this has given us all so much omfort and knowing that Danny although not here with us physcially,  has passed into another life still the warrior